Toll Booths
Ted Schaefer
Printed in the South Bend Tribune 9/12/99

While waiting in a 20 minute toll both line at the Indiana/Ohio border I was thinking about the $700 billion tax cut the republican politicians are so eager to grant us. How can they talk about giving us back our own money while they just take it back is so many ways?

Think about the gallons of oil wasted on highways with tolls, and the costly hours wasted. Yet I've heard no politician discuss the matter. Yet with only a few billion, *ALL* the toll booths could be bulldozed.

And, one more thing... Can anyone explain why you must pay the toll in one state, then drive 2 miles, stop and wait again only to pick up a ticket from a machine in the next state? Why not one stop on the state line where you do both? I guess that requires too much cooperation between states. It's much easier to waste every one's time and fuel with 2 stops. Duh!


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