Bullet Control
Ted Schaefer

We often hear "Guns don't kill people, People do".

Consider this:
   Guns don't kill people, Projectiles do.

The gun isn't bad, just the bullet. It's like the syringe and medicine. You can readily purchase the syringe but not the medicine (ammo).

Why don't we change the argument from gun control to ammunition control? Why not tax the ammo, like the government taxes cigarettes? Then let's lock down the ammo behind a pharmacy type system where it would be rationed out for use in a specific, licensed gun to a licensed gun owner. The system would collect information about the sale in a nationwide computer system, including a finger print. And, there would chemical tags in the bullets so that they were more traceable.

This system would promote licensing of individuals and their specific guns. It would reduce the ammo available, perhaps eliminating some types of ammo.

Guns, like cigarettes, have a cost to society and it is not being fully paid by those that have guns. A heavy tax on the bullets would shift these true costs back to gun user.

With the guns and ammo that are both stockpiled and widely dispersed, any solution to gun/bullet violence will take 25 to 100 years to have a meaningful impact. And whatever we do will be no more perfect than our attempts to eliminate illegal drugs.

So why are we doing nothing about guns/bullets and spending so much on the war on drugs? Why not a war on guns/bullets? Why not eliminate gun shows altogether? Why can't we license guns like we license cars, even putting a license plate on each gun?

Controlling the ammo would be a step in right direction.


copyright© 2000, Ted Schaefer, All rights reserved