Cubeware by SEA

Accessories and Clothing
for the
Office Worker

Virtual OfficeTM

Disturbed by the office din
in your cubefarm?

Sure, sometimes it is interesting, even sometimes business related, but many times you're "in the zone" trying to concentrate on a complex task or just trying catch a nap. Remember the days when you could just close the door on your office? Dream on cubedwellers, those days are long gone.

Now there is an alternative:

TheVirtual Office
CubewareTM by SEA.

When your cubeneighbor starts talking about his upcoming root canal to a passerby for the 4th time today, just don your Virtual Office and enter your private office. All you will hear is a vague whisper.

The Virtual Office by SEA is based on the finest set of noise abatement ear muffs found on the market today, reducing noise 29 dB NRR. And, the green-silver-black color scheme looks sharp whether you are dressed for a power lunch or casual Friday.

These state-of-the-art ear muffs are not ordinary ear muffs, they have an essential enhancement your associates will appreciate. Bonded to the head band is a small billboard indicating whether you are IN or OUT.

The billboard can easily be removed for other uses like a long plane ride next to a crying baby or operating a jack hammer.

IN  ?
Out ?

Just wear
side to
the rear.
  • Highest attenuation
  • Lowest weight in its class
  • The lowest headband force
  • Fully dielectric construction
  • Softest ear cushions
Comfort and Silence
Purchase On-Line Now
and enjoy the peace soon!

Cost: $30 + $7 S&H

Please contact SEA with your purchase request.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Silence is Golden!

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