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The Machine Design Option (MDO) gives you highly automated, productive AutoLISP routines useful for almost any machine designer. MDO is integrated into SUPER MENU 2D Base for immediate productivity and many useful functions not available with AutoCAD. One general feature of MDO is that the routines make good use of the BROWSE feature so you don't need a hand book to look up what you need in order to draw it. With SUPER MENU's MDO you just browse the data, say "That's the one I want" and it is parametrically drawn for you.

MDO is one of the most value packed/affordable collection of time savers for machine design available anywhere. You will be surprised at the power and polish of the routines included. Here is a partial list of the commands:

One of the MDO areas of the main tablet overlay
(digitizer not required)


Want to learn more - a lot more?

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