The SUPER MENU 3D option can make the difference in the complex world of 3D. Everything is organized for mouse user in pull down menus. For the digitizer user there is a color coded on a tablet overlay with access to Surface modeling, AME solids modeling for R12 or ACIS modelling for R13. A single click activates the 3D functions on the tablet overlay - a 5 second operation.

3D requires base SUPER MENU. The single pick options and sophisticated AutoLISP routines keep you from getting lost-in-space. For instance 29 digitizer squares are dedicated to making the User Coordinate System easy to use. SUPER MENU's ID command lists a point's coordinates in all coordinate systems (World, UCS, View) at the same time.

View 3D Tablet Overlay70K,
  Digitizer is not required


Want to learn more - a lot more?

Click here to download SUPER MENU Manual

Down load the full SUPER MENU Reference Manual
for R12 through R13 with all options. In Acrobat 3.0 format (PDF).
The file is a self extracting Zip, 2.5 Mb.
   Click here to download Acrobat Reader

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