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SUPER MENU 2D Base is a stand-alone enhancement for all types of AutoCAD drafting and design. It is also the foundation for Machine Design, 3D, Architecture and Symbol libraries and SAM. The secret to SUPER MENU's high productivity is a vast array of SEA programmed enhancements and menu macro commands laid out logically, both on a color coded tablet overlay and pull down menus. For power users, they are also available through 200+ keyboard shortcuts. SUPER MENU is easier to learn and use.
SUPER MENU's programmed commands and menu macros offer sensible new functionality to AutoCAD, speeding your drafting and design while making the CAD process work the way you think. SUPER MENU generally accomplishes in one "pick" what normally takes 3+ with AutoCAD's standard user interface. One of SUPER MENU's best features is that typing is reduced by 60%.
Below is a brief description of key SUPER MENU 2D Base features, such as:

The features listed below are for Super Menu R13. SM R12 features are similar but not quite as extensive. And, here's a list of What's new in R14

Common sense improvements:

  • An ID command that reports both the UCS and WCS
  • Geometric constructions of all types
  • Explode that converts attributes to text, even circles to polylines.
  • Automatic layer switching for hatches and dimensioning.
  • Trim and extend multiple lines at the same time.
  • DE - a dialog edit command that edits anything that looks like text, including: text, dimensions and attributes. Edit dimension Mtext quickly without invoking a clumsy editor.
  • Change layer, color, linetype by selecting an object.
  • Intersection clean up that really works.
  • Quick List and Magnify

Commands That Add New Capability

  • SUPER LINE for dramatically reduced input on precision lines.
  • Text utilities allow you to fit existing text, dimensions and attributes. You can underscore, overscore, explode, box, swap, join, capitalize and change case to all upper or lower - Even convert text to Mtext.
  • You can apply text to arc and polylines.
  • Precision alignment of viewports.
  • Paragraph text with control of the line spacing.
  • An Array command that computes the spacing.
  • Write an archive list of XREFs and all files required to load a drawing.
  • Globally reset layer names, linetypes and colors in one initialization file.
  • Special linetypes that use letters or blocks.
  • AutoLINE assists with logical point choices as you draw. It acts like a combination of narrow band Ortho, Object snap and Point filters.
  • Switch layer, color and linetype with one click.

Data Handling - The On-line Database

The On-line Database: SUPER MENU now converts data files from static, view-only lists to data that you can use with BROWSE. Now you can view any text file and select the lines you want on your drawing. Its great for standard notes. We even supply you with example data files. But it goes further than that. In Machine Design option we use BROWSE technology to view the data from steel beams, and then draw it. No longer will you have to know what you need in advance.

Symbol-Application Manager (SAM)

SAM can help you get the most from your libraries of drawing symbols, AutoLISP routines, AutoBasic and ADS/ARX programs. It is more sophisticated than many stand alone block librarians yet you can purchase it either as part of SUPER MENU or by itself for less much less than the competition. It is completely open architecture to be a frame work for your customization or serious corporate development.

With SUPER MENU 2D Base you get to activate one of the library of the MASTER LIBRARY for immediate productivity. Plus, 2D Base includes a sample miscellaneous library to help you integrate your existing symbols and programs into SAM.


One of the strongest features SUPER MENU features is open architecture for your extensions and customization. It starts with an initialization file which gives you the means to choose your own layer names, linetypes and colors without recoding the MNU file or individual AutoLISP routines. We also supply the you with the source MNU and MNL files with the means to make fast, easy, guided changes using the MenuEDitor editing facility described below. The SUPER MENU manual even has a full chapter on customization. Finally you can even purchase the AutoCAD drawing used to produce SUPER MENU overlay, modify it and re-plot.

Corporations often choose SUPER MENU as the framework and deployment vehicle for their own custom applications.

Customization Development Tools
We provide you with the same tools we used to develop SUPER MENU.
Editor SUPER MENU’s DOS based text editor is ideal for creating and modifying AutoLISP programs and large menu files. It contains help for AutoLISP, system variables and DIESEL. You can open multiple files, split screen, and match parentheses. And, it is fast.

In Windows, using the initialization file, you can specify different editors for MNU/MNS, LSP, TXT and INI files.

LED* Edits an AutoLISP file using SM’s editor. When finished the AutoLISP is automatically checked for balanced parentheses and quotations, reloaded and executed. This results in a very quick cycle edit-test cycle.
MED* Edits the menu file and its companion MNL file. Other options edit SM.INI, ACAD.PGP, ACAD.INI, SM13.HLP etc... Files are automatically reloaded.
FED* Edits any external text file - handy for editing DCL, help or SM’s On-line database files.
LE List Entity Data, including nested entities and extended entity data.
SM-LSH List the atomlist contents for AutoLISP development function with pause for plines, blocks, lists entity data.
VD View dialog helps with quick testing and design of dialog boxes before writing the program.
SYMGR Will automatically load and execute AutoLISP, ARX, AutoBasiC and ADS programs, or, insert symbols.
SAM Provides an easy to use interface for your application development.

* LED, MED and FED remember the file name as a default to increase productivity and reduce typing.

Many of SUPER MENU's best routines are built with AutoBasiC


SUPER MENU has special network features that allow you to relocate 90% of it's working files to central directories on a file server without recoding the menu files. Add relocatable symbol/program libraries and SUPER MENU is a network administrator's dream come true! Note: SUPER MENU is licensed per AutoCAD seat.

Miscellaneous Features

Tablet Overlay - Click here to see more
130K Graphic
Digitizer is not required

Category Search:

To learn more about individual commands you can pick a category and search. You will get a listing with "Detail" buttons. When you pick "Detail" you get the long description.

You can even purchase the rountine from the detail page. However after you do this a couple times and add up the cost of individual routines, we are sure you will conclude that SUPER MENU is tremendous value that includes over 20,000 lines of AutoLISP code plus many "C" routines bundled in an easy user interface for one low cost. It is one of the largest collections of quality, innovative routines available anywhere, representing many man years of effort.

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